• A Mother's Hope

    From Friendswood, Texas, Ann Elder talks about her family and shares her hope for her son's future.

    Posted 5.14.15
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  • Arlene Goldberg on Why Marriage Matters

    After losing Carol, her wife of four decades, Arlene became a plaintiff in a Florida case for the freedom to marry. Listen to her story.

    Posted 11.19.15
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  • James Esseks on Religious Exemptions

    James Esseks, Director of the ACLU LGBT & HIV Project, pulls no punches outlining the urgent need for significant investments in work that opposes religious exemptions.

    Posted 11.19.15
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  • Jennifer Butler on Religious Exemptions

    In combating religious exemptions, we may overlook the need to gather support from religious communities. Jennifer Butler, CEO of Faith in Public Life, discusses the significance of involving and deploying religious voices when we are faced with these assaults in the states.

    Posted 11.19.15
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  • Katie Blair & Tyler Deaton on Indiana's RFRA

    Following the passage of Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), the entire country woke up to a conversation about LGBT equality and religious freedom. Katie Blair & Tyler Deaton joined us at OutGiving to walk us through a timeline of what happened in Indiana -- what worked, what took us by surprise, and what we can learn so we're prepared for the next assault on our equality.  

    Posted 11.19.15
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  • Mary Bonauto & Robbie Kaplan on the Supreme Court

    Mary Bonauto and Robbie Kaplan will be remembered as the two brilliant legal minds who took our fight for marriage equality to the highest Court in the land. They joined us at OutGiving to share their incredible work, which bookends a defining decade in the struggle for marriage equality from Goodridge in 2003 to Windsor in 2013.  

    Posted 11.19.15
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