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Video Guide

  • 1:28Video: It Gets Better
  • 6:51The Workshop Begins
  • 9:31Your Challenge
  • 11:03GLAAD
  • 12:13Contagian: The Reverse Effect
  • 15:17Taking the Message Offline
  • 16:24Video: Joel Burns
  • 18:58Spirit Day Campaign
  • 21:36Video: Spirit Day
  • 22:38Media Integration
  • 24:30Campaign Control and Engagement

Jarrett Barrios and Thomas Gensemer: The Scoop on It Gets Better

Thomas works on the “new media” side of communications while Jarrett operates on the “traditional media” side. But when the two were brought together on the “It Gets Better” campaign, it was like a whole new world opened up for both of them. Learn how their combined efforts allowed them to share stories of hope with millions of kids and adults across the country.