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Video Guide

  • 5:46Video by Acadamy Award winner, Roger Russ Williams, on the struggles and opponents LGBT people are facing around the world - including an interview with slain Ugandan lgbt activist, David Kato
  • 10:57Introduction to transgender activist Sass Rogando Sasot and philanthropist Dorothy Sander
  • 11:55How religion is used against LGBT people in the Philippines, treatment of transgender people in Asia and Europe, and employment nondiscrimination
  • 24:34Why it's important to support overseas philanthropy, role of UN in global LGBT issues, and how policies abroad impact domestic policies
  • 28:09Why U.S. donors should get involved with LGBT issues in Asia and the overwhelming resources of opponents abroad vs. the resources of the transgender movement
  • 31:34Logistical and legal issues you should know about supporting organizations abroad, and tips for addressing them
  • 35:51Yogyakarta Principles: a set of principles applying international human rights law to ensure protection against the violations experienced by LGBT and intersex people

Cary Alan Johnson, Dorothy Sander, and Sass Rogando Sasot: Equality Without Borders

Cary Johnson is executive director of the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC), Sass Rogando Sasot has been a transgender rights activist in the Philippines and Europe since she was 19, and Dorothy Sander is a philanthropist and Co-Chair of the Board of Directors at IGLHRC. They come from different walks of life, but they share the common desire to see equality for all LGBT people around the world. Listen to the panel explain how what happens abroad affects us here in the U.S. whether it be the right to marry, employment nondiscrimination, access to health care, or religious tolerance – and vise versa.