About OutGiving

Since 1996, OutGiving has provided unique opportunities for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT), and allied donors to gather in a private setting to engage in conversation with each other and with respected LGBT and allied leaders about ways to advance equality through philanthropy. OutGiving has inspired hundreds of donors to give more strategically and more generously to improve the lives of LGBT people across the country and around the world.

The biannual OutGiving Conference is geared toward individuals whose annual philanthropy exceeds $25,000 and who are interested in increasing the effectiveness of their giving in support of the LGBT movement. The events are invitation-only, private, solicitation-free, and no media are permitted.

Speakers include the top leaders in the country who provide participants with the most current information on the LGBT population, philanthropy, and related issues. Those who attend OutGiving also enjoy donor-led conversations and outings so they can connect, exchange ideas, and build relationships that continue well beyond the conference.

OutGiving covers a wide range of topics that are affected by the intersection of LGBT equality and philanthropy. Recent conferences have focused on such issues as the growing population of LGBT elders, marriage equality, safe schools, international equality efforts, and the intersection of LGBT and immigrant-rights work.

OutGiving also is dedicated to promoting the many forms of collaboration that advance equality. With the growing support among allies in recent years, new partnerships with aligned organizations present unprecedented opportunities to accelerate progress for LGBT people.

Contact us to learn more or request an invitation to an OutGiving event.