James Rucker: Incubating Social Change
Brickson Diamond: Passion In Philanthropy - Getting It Back
Sarah Jones: Sarah Jones as Mrs. Ling
Pam Spaulding: Life of a Blogger
Sherrill Wayland: The Story of Joe
Deepak Bhargava: 3 Reasons Immigration is an LGBT Issue
Sarah Jones: Sarah Jones as Sunita
Craig Harwood: At Seven I Knew
Cary Alan Johnson, Dorothy Sander, and Sass Rogando Sasot: Equality Without Borders
Eliza Byard: GLSEN: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Rachel Tiven: Immigration is an LGBT Issue
Michael Adams: The Elderly Experience

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Since 1996, OutGiving has provided unique opportunities for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT), and allied donors to gather in a private, solicitation-free setting to engage in conversation with each other and with respected LGBT and allied leaders about ways to advance equality through philanthropy.
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